The Curfew Foundation Logo
The Curfew Foundation is a new foundation dedicated to raising funds for various causes close to Marcus King's heart and will develop a support system for musicians from all walks of life who are battling challenges with mental health and addiction.

The name Curfew is inspired by Matt Reynolds, a dear friend of Marcus’ who was a singer-songwriter, tour manager, and pillar in the music community, who took his own life in 2017. Nicknamed “Curfew” by Colonel Bruce Hampton, his unexpected passing inspired Marcus and mutual friend Charles Hedgepath to name the foundation in Matt’s honor.

Curfew plans to focus on various areas of need, including supporting fine arts programs in schools, particularly in underfunded areas, providing instruments and funding to music programs in schools. Additionally, the foundation will advocate for mental health, sobriety and addiction support, aiming to combat isolation by offering a hotline for those in crisis and emphasizing the importance of community support.

More Information Coming 2024
“I began the process of forming my non-profit organization Curfew Foundation with my friend, writing partner and fellow Greenville, SC native, Charles Hedgepath in late 2018/early 2019. In the winter of 2020, the world shut down and put all plans on hold until further notice. I am so thrilled to finally have Curfew up and rolling again! De-stigmatizing, providing outreach and community around mental health issues within the arts community: this idea came to me after the death of multiple peers and friends within the music community and a feeling that something needed to change. I’m very excited to be PART of the change and PART of the community and team working to get the message out and to help those in need.” – Marcus King